Huge landmark for county trust as 1,000th greyhound rehomed

Jayne Pell (right), of Pinchbeck, with Tom and Rachel Harlock with another of Jayne's adopted greyhound, Honey.
Jayne Pell (right), of Pinchbeck, with Tom and Rachel Harlock with another of Jayne's adopted greyhound, Honey.
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LINCOLNSHIRE Greyhound Trust’s kennels has reached the incredible landmark of re-homing its 1,000th greyhound since the opening in 1998.

The lucky greyhound, who is called Rick, set off to his new home as a pet to Vicki and Dave Wells. It was a wonderful moment for him and his new owners, but also an incredible day for the trust’s founders, Kevin and Mandy Stow.

The charity has blossomed since the Stows started it together. Many people who have adopted greyhounds from them have signed up as volunteers and the operation is now in full swing.

Mr Stow said: “We began with just the two of us and it started slowly, but gradually the owners we had re-homed to became more involved and it took off. Every year since 2006 we have successfully re-homed at least 100 greyhounds and we have been very fortunate to have many terrific helpers over the years.”

Proud new owner Vicki, who lives in Sudbrooke, near Lincoln, said: “I have always been interested in greyhounds and am delighted that Rick is the 1,000th greyhound to be re-homed by the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust.

“He joins my other greyhound, Dolly, who we re-homed in 2006.

“I look forward to having many happy years with Rick.Greyhounds are so easy that having begun with one, it has been no problem to add a second.”

Greyhounds make superb pets and can be great company for the elderly.

They are a very lazy, laid-back dogs and don’t require lots of exercise. They are tolerant of children and three out of ten of them are totally capable of living with cats or small animals.

People in full-time work would be able to adopt one because they sleep most of the day. A quick trip home to walk them at lunch is all it would take.

Greyhound-lover Jayne Pell, of Pinchbeck, has adopted two greyhounds from the Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust. Honey and her twin brother, Tom, have brought her a lot of happiness.

Miss Pell adopted Tom after he was put up for re-adoption following the death of his previous owner. She follows Vicki in that, after getting one greyhound, she found that she had to get a second.

“I couldn’t be without them,” Miss Pell said. “They are very laid-back and they never bark. I would recommend them to anyone. I’ve had Honey for three years and when Tom became available I had to get him too.”

The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust cares a lot for its animals and will not hand them over to just anybody.

Preferring to re-home dogs, rather than rescue them, most of the greyhounds have come from loving backgrounds and the charity is keen to keep it that way. The animals all need a loving home and they have to be sure that they will not be in need of further re-homing once an owner has been found. Home visits are carried out to ensure that the greyhound’s new home is one full of love and care.

After the home visit suitable people are invited to come and collect their dogs, all of which are spayed in advance and have had a thorough health check, for a minimum donation of £100.

One problem is the potential for greyhounds to have teething problems, caused by being muzzled for too long in their racing days. The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust provides a back-up service for every single greyhound they re-home so that new owners can get in touch with any teething problems they may be having.

The trust’s website is updated most days and has a forum which provides owners with a chance to talk to like-minded people. The charity is out and about every weekend promoting greyhounds as pets at street collections or supermarkets in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas.

Volunteers and greyhound owners are always welcome to help spread the word and the Trust are not worried whether your greyhound came from them or not. If you’d like to help or want to know more about greyhounds as pets please call Kevin or Mandy on 01522 569825.