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Tips for Spalding-area parents whose children start primary school next year

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Starting school is an important milestone in any child’s life but there are tips out out there to help make the process as smooth as possible.

PACEYS, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, has compiled a guide to help your child be ready for this next chapter in their lives.

While it is not necessary for each child to be able to read and write but being tidy and other selfcare tips are important.

A little girl in the school playground
A little girl in the school playground

PACEYS guide for Preparing Your Child for School states: “Children start school with a wide range of abilities and their teacher will be skilled at helping children progress at their own level.

“What’s most important is that you and your child have fun together in those preschool months and years – sharing stories, singing songs, playing games and talking about anything and everything.”

The charity advises that parents talk to their children about starting school and showing them pictures via the prospectus or website.

But try not to over talk about school by firing questions at them. It also suggests taking your child to their new school’s open days, plays and fetes.

The guide states: “If your child seems anxious about school, try focusing on the things they’ll like best – maybe the sandpit, playhouse or new friends.

“Perhaps they have some friends from preschool who will be starting reception at the same time.

“Practise the school morning routine, including getting dressed and eating breakfast in time to leave.

“If your child has a favourite security toy or blanket, try to get them used to being without it during the day. Talk to the class teacher to find out if your child is allowed to bring their toy or blanket and leave it in a tray or on their peg.”

To help your child get in the school routine, parents are encouraged to help their child by getting up and going to bed at the appropriate times along with phasing out naps.

Being able to take care of themselves will also help your child to feel more confident at school.

One important skills being able to go to the toilet along with washing their hands. Feeding themselves, using a tissue, tidying up and also dressing and undressing for PE are other important skills.

Other tips PACEYS suggests is making sure that you know where to take and pick up your child at which time. Making sure that you have the right equipment and ensuring that name tags are sewn in are also advices..

It adds: Many children settle into school life easily, while others take longer. Don’t worry if your child is tearful and clingy for the first few days – it’s quite normal. Although you might feel terrible leaving them, they will most likely be playing quite happily within a few minutes.”

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