How people in Spalding area voted in first EU referendum

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This newspaper was filled with letters both for and against staying in the EEC in 1975.

Chairman of Spalding Keep Britain in Europe Committee A E G Dixon argued that staying in “a united Europe, strong economically” would ensure greater prosperity for all its people “and give protection against those forces which seek to destroy the democratic way of life”.

He said continued membership would lead to “greater production, higher employment and a better standard of living” for everyone.

In contrast, Anthony Parker argued the sooner the country left the Common Market, the better.

He countered fears over Britain becoming isolated outside of the EEC by reminding everyone we would still be a member of NATO and other organisations.

His key argument though was that: “If we vote no we shall continue to be governed solely from Westminster; if we vote yes we shall eventually be absorbed in a European federation and be governed from Brussels, who already impose taxes on us while VAT must be one of the most inefficient means of raising taxes ever devised”.