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Wainfleet flooding: South Holland Emergency Faith Responders on hand to help

A South Holland clergyman was involved in helping support those devastated by recent flooding in Wainfleet.

Father Jonathan Sibley, from Long Sutton's St Mary's Church, is one of a team of Emergency Faith Responders from Churches Together in Lincolnshire. They were on hand for both residents and rescue teams.

Father Jonathan Sibley. (12976109)
Father Jonathan Sibley. (12976109)

The responders attend major disasters to provide support, alongside teams from different faiths.

Father Jonathan said: "At its worst in Wainfleet, if you can imagine a bungalow, the water was up to the windowsill of the bungalow. Once it receded it was up to doorstep level.

"There were about 30 firemen pumping the water out with big emergency pumps and there were still concerns with more rainfall forecast.

"People were being so generous and local shops, such as the Co-op and supermarkets donated food. Other people were donating clothing and blankets and clean items.

"There were lots of people from different agencies and charities helping and medical teams from the ambulance service, St John's, the Red Cross and LIVES and people from the Environment Agency.

"There was also contingency from the police and British units that go into disaster areas. One team had just come back from helping with the floods in Mozambique.

"We were there to reassure and listen to people and guide and signpost them.

"It is the kind of reassurance that people need as it is quite a traumatic time, particularly in the early days.

"And for the emergency teams as well, it is quite demanding work. During a disaster, even as a professional, you ask questions, are you doing the best you can, is this the best response?

"For the people involved it was about the unknown, an impending and possible danger, a second disaster. Would it be as severe as the first? There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety."

Emergency Faith Responders are trained to help in evacuation centres and elsewhere in the event of major situations such as accidents.

Pumping out water from Wainfleet. Image: Lincolnshire Police. (12976825)
Pumping out water from Wainfleet. Image: Lincolnshire Police. (12976825)


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