How CCTV will help lessen the fear of crime

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CABINET CALL: By Coun Gary Taylor

It’s often said that a Government’s first duty is to protect its people and as a district council we also take the safety of our residents very seriously.

Coun Gary Taylor

Coun Gary Taylor

For example, we work hard to ensure food safety standards are upheld, take enforcement against illegal activities and have recently invested in a new CCTV system.

The latest news on the system is that the 15 Spalding cameras are actively being monitored live in the Boston control room, with the final three coming online later this month.

Unfortunately, we’ve had problems with cameras in Holbeach and Crowland.

There have been delays transmitting live images to the control room, but the images are being recorded locally and we have been assured that alternative transmission options have been agreed. So we are now waiting for installation dates for these two links.

In the past three months the system has led to eight arrests and been used to assist with an additional 41 incidents, including robbery, drink driving, searching for a missing person and anti-social behaviour issues.

Crime levels in South Holland are very low, making the area a pleasant place to live, work, do business and retire.

However, we will never rest on our laurels and we firmly believe that the system will reduce and prevent crime as well as helping to lessen people’s fear of crime.

One of the council’s priorities is to develop safer, stronger and more independent communities which the system will help achieve.

By making our streets safer, they will also become cleaner which ties in with our ongoing Pride in South Holland campaign to clean up eyesore sites in the district.

It’s also my long term plan to look to extend this scheme to other towns, villages and communities across South Holland, as a safe district is a prosperous district and a place which finds it easier to attract new businesses, which leads to a stronger economy and a safer environment for our residents.