HOUSING PLAN: Claims over plan were exaggerated

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With reference to the proposed housing development on Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck by Larkfleet Homes and the letter in last week’s Spalding Guardian claiming “the land is teeming with wildlife”. I have to take issue with the majority of the totally-exaggerated content.

The land concerned is an arable field surrounded by dykes and hedges between an industrial estate and the rear of existing homes on Wardentree Lane and Spalding Road. My wife and I live nearby and walk and drive past this site on a daily basis. No doubt there is some wildlife here as there is in any field anywhere, but to describe it as “teeming with wildlife” is, quite frankly, preposterous.

Also to use the term “green belt” hardly describes this small pocket of land surrounded on all sides by buildings and roads.

The letter writer says that “nobody wants it” – rather a grandiose statement. I wonder how many local people were consulted to arrive at this conclusion?

Also, since when was 169 houses “nearly 200”? Some way off I would suggest.

As for increased traffic – the area is well served by decent roads with access from different directions with the bypass only a short distance away.

By “medical problems”, I assume that means access to services. Again, we are well placed for these either in Spalding or the nearby surrounding area, plus we have a hospital less than a mile away on Spalding Road.

Flooding, as far as I am aware, is not an issue in this location and nor is it likely to be if these houses are built.

As most people know, planning decisions are based on factual information, objective reasoning and the likely impact on the locality and community – that’s what I regard as common sense.

In the final analysis, the letter writer did get one thing right – democracy will rule.

Tom Bell