Housebound last winter but council rejects grit bin bid

Grit bin refused: Gina Reid and carer Gary Rixon in Millfield Gardens in Crowland.
Grit bin refused: Gina Reid and carer Gary Rixon in Millfield Gardens in Crowland.
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A WORRIED group of elderly and disabled residents who were left stranded in their homes during last winter’s prolonged period of snow and ice have had their application for a grit bin in the street turned down.

Gina Reid (57), of Millfield Gardens in Crowland, wrote to Lincolnshire County Council on behalf of herself and her neighbours to ask for a bin outside her bungalows.

They wanted a supply of salt to put down on the paths outside their homes so they won’t be left housebound if we suffer another year of sub zero temperatures.

Gina has suffered two strokes has pulmonary hypertension – a condition that leaves her with very high blood pressure in the arteries of her lungs.

She uses a wheelchair and relies on friend Gary Rixon, who is her carer, for support and says many of her neighbours also struggle to get out of the house, with eight signing her letter to the council.

The council says the street did not meet the authority’s criteria for putting a grit bin there.

Gina said: “If my carer falls it is going to cost them more to provide the 24 hour care I need. I am on oxygen and it really doesn’t help.

“I think the snow is quite pretty but when you are stuck inside and can’t get out it’s not good.”

The council’s highways department manages 84 grit bins from its Pode Hole depot – covering all of South Holland south of the River Glen at Surfleet. One new bin has been installed at Wright’s Drove, south of Crowland.

Senior highways officer Maxine Stukins said: “Each request we get for a grit bin is very carefully considered and assessed against a set of criteria that includes looking at the gradient of the road, number of houses that would benefit, whether it’s a main access road on a housing estate and how close it would be to other community facilities like shops and schools.

“Unfortunately it isn’t possible to grant every request, and this particular location didn’t score highly enough.

“We do have 84 grit bins in the area that are currently being refilled in good time for this winter, with one additional new one on order.”