HOTEL: Building should be converted

Jenny Rowe in front of the Bridge Hotel
Jenny Rowe in front of the Bridge Hotel
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I refer to the articles published in the Free Press on April 14 and the week before, in which Mrs Rowe stated that she “Wants the historic building saved...”.

Since I moved into Sutton Bridge nearly 11 years ago, the hotel has been open only briefly, otherwise it has been empty and subject to vandalism and squatters. It is clearly not viable as a hotel business, so what Mrs Rowe thinks she can do to keep it open, when entrepreneurs have failed miserably, I cannot think.

It is clearly not viable as a hotel business

Instead of garnering her merry band of activists, she should be bringing pressure to bear on South Holland District Council, to allow planning permission for the building to be converted to flats and apartments, just as the other two buildings along the west bank of the river were very sympathetically converted previously.

It would help retain the facade, and provide much needed accommodation in the area. This could be for sale, let or even as social housing, to benefit villagers in this acknowledged minimum-wage economic area.

With proper planning permission for say a dozen small flats, a developer would snap it up without a second thought. That is the best way to enhance the ‘Gateway to Lincolnshire’.