HOSPITAL SITE: Cynic in me fears worst

The old Johnson Hospital
The old Johnson Hospital
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For some time now, I have been wondering what plans, if any, have been made for the old Johnson Hospital site.

As far as I know, it was supposed to become a community centre of sorts, but nothing seems to have happened on that front.

The building is becoming increasingly derelict and I am reliably informed it is inhabited by squatters.

Either the council is aware and chooses to do nothing, or it needs to be aware and clear the site; presumably with no services connected, this is a health/fire risk.

Is the cynic in me wrong in supposing that the plan is to let the place become so run down that it becomes a danger and has to be pulled down, with the valuable land then made available for housing or in some other way used by a private developer, rather than a focus for the people of the town.

I do hope the Guardian or some of your readers can help.