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Algarkirk dog rescue centre's hopes for terrier Brandy and her pal Marley

Staff at a dog rescue centre are celebrating the recovery of an abandoned terrier, Brandy, following surgery to remove a massive lump on her back end.

And tomorrow (Tuesday) could bring further happiness at the Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre in Algarkirk as a prospective owner is today visiting Brandy and her canine pal, Marley, with a view to giving the pair a forever home.

Brandy and Marley were left behind when their former owner moved house

Canine companions Brandy (right) and Marley
Canine companions Brandy (right) and Marley

The pair were rescued by Jerry Green and the dog rescue centre appealed to its supporters to help pay for an operation to remove a 1.5kg lump from the terrier's back end.

The operation in August was a success and now tests have confirmed it was a soft tissue sarcoma, a rare type of cancer but one that's unlikely to have spread.

Jenny Wiles, deputy manager at the Jerry Green centre caring for Brandy, said: "It's like a sort of tumour but it's grade 1, which means it's unlikely to have spread any further and the likelihood of it coming back again is quite low.

Brandy after her operation
Brandy after her operation

"It's really one of the better outcomes that we could have hoped for.

"It's all good news for her. She has made a really good recovery and her hair is starting to grow back again."

Brandy and Marley are currently in a foster home but the centre is keen to see them in a perfect forever home so the canine pals get the happy ending to their story that they deserve.

Within a couple of days of becoming available, the centre had an inquiry from a prospective owner who will see them tomorrow.

Brandy pictured before her operation
Brandy pictured before her operation

"Obviously we don't know if it's going to lead to anything or not," said Jenny. "It does sound like a wonderful home."

Brandy's surgery was carried out by the South Lincs Vet Group at their Sutterton Hospital. Jerry Green supporters donated hundred pounds so the operation could go ahead despite knowing Brandy's story could end in heart-break.

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