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Mrs Anderson with representatives of all year groups ANL-140520-121407001
Mrs Anderson with representatives of all year groups ANL-140520-121407001
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By Spalding High School students

At Spalding High School, examination year groups have abandoned the classrooms for the tense atmosphere of the exam hall and final revision on home study leave.

The corridors are certainly quieter – one might assume, therefore, a certain lull in the School calendar?

Not at all – rather, a period of intense activity comprising: internal examinations; diverse enrichment activities; trips and tours; sporting fixtures; a production of ‘Oliver’ and continuing fulfilment of the syllabuses.

For the Upper Sixth, this Friday brings the final fling of the Leavers’ Ball at Whaplode Manor – outfits purchased, hair appointments made, taxis booked!

For the staff it is a busy time both completing this year’s teaching as well as marshalling all remaining energy to plan for the next…

These are exciting times for Spalding High School, with a new Headmistress – Michele Anderson – at the helm; she has settled seamlessly into the role, supported by a staff ever keen to embrace the new whilst consolidating all that is already outstanding about the school.

We have always been fortunate to have benefited from long-serving, dedicated staff and each year a reluctant farewell is bid to those who depart, either for pastures new or a richly deserved happy retirement.

2014 is no different and dear, departing colleagues will be much missed, yet how fitting that two of the appointments to replace these excellent teachers are High School alumni.

It would seem that the school has a certain allure, tempting such bright young stars back to the fold…

Much hinges on a student’s exam results, be it a place in the sixth form, a ticket to continued study of a subject or, most vitally, that prized university place.

Let’s hope that each Spalding High School student’s dream is only strengthened by the summer of 2014.

Immersion in la dolce vita!

Once again, two dozen of Spalding High School’s Year 11s are eagerly awaiting the July departure of the Florence Tour; what a salve to post-examination exhaustion!

The tour will take in Florence and its surroundings – a city bursting with awe-inspiring art and architecture, vibrant markets and of course the sublime Duomo dominating the Florentine skyline. Students will also flip over to Lucca and Pisa to appreciate other Tuscan jewels.

The group’s accommodation is in the historic centre of Florence, and their evening restaurant nestles in one of the fashionable streets off the central Piazza Signoria, allowing utter immersion in ‘la dolce vita’!