HOMES: Who wants builders to start at 7am?

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I see that Broadgate Homes have applied to alter the conditions of the planning application for the Holland Park extension (application number H16-0370-14) and one in particular is worrying – condition 63.

I appreciate that they support a lot around Spalding and there is need for more homes, but I see that this application is to allow goods to be delivered from 6.30am and work commence at 7am.

Surely this is not very neighbourly to have heavy wagons rumbling along residential roads at that time, followed by banging, hammering, machine noise and the general noise of a building site from 7am Monday to Friday and 7.30am on Saturday.

The noise will carry some distance and disturb a large area around the site which will continue for years to complete the 2,250 homes!

We just had noise of site preparation going on from 7am for three weeks. I certainly don’t want it starting at that time for years.

When did the building trade start to become a 24-hour business? Will they be issuing the workers with lamps for their hard hats in winter? You only have a short time to voice your opinion to the planners.

D Delve