Homes plan set for green light despite protests from elderly

The development off Balmoral Way ANL-151218-155120001
The development off Balmoral Way ANL-151218-155120001
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Planners are being recommended to approve a new 36-home devlopment in Holbeach when they meet tomorrow evening (Wednesday).

Members of South Holland District Council’s planning committee will decide whether to approve an application by Benchmark Properties to build the homes on a large field off Balmoral Way.

But elderly residents there have objected, citing access and anti-social behaviour reasons. A petition signed by local residents was also submitted to planners.

Eight detached homes, 16 semi-detached and 12 affordable units are planned.

The application was originally for 48 dwellings but this had to be amended because of an agricultural right of access.

Following objections, Benchmark has also agreed that construction traffic be routed through the access point at Foxes Low Road, which is also the point where the agricultural route is accessed.

Access to the 1.75 hectare estate for residents would be through Balmoral Way.

The devloper has agreed to a £141,339 education contribution to Lincolnshire County Council.

Representations have been made by Balmoral Way residents and the owners of the agricultural land subject to the right of way.

It was proposed that Balmoral Way is too narrow for the extra traffic and that access should be along Foxes Low Road.

They were also concerned about the location of a play area, feeling it could attract anti-social behaviour and noise.

And it was felt that the type of housing being planned would attract people unsuitable for the mainly retired, disabled or infirm community of Balmoral Way.

There was also concern about what effect another housing development in Holbeach would have on schools, doctors and dentists.

The planning officer who penned the report noted that the development area is outside, but adjacent to, settlement limits defined in the 2006 South Holland Local Plan, but the district council currently shows a significant shortfall in its housing supply and more homes are needed.

He also says that access arrangements are appropraite and that Balmoral Way is suitable for additional traffic.

The site is within a high flood risk area, as pointed out by some residents, but passes test requirements.

Referring to the age and infirmity of existing residents, he said it is not a reason to refuse permission and that the community should be mixed and diverse.

In recommending full planning permission, he says there are no reasons to refuse it and no issues, either on their own or together, which would weigh against approval.