Homes needed for 20 kittens

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THE RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch is battling to find homes for a record high number of dumped kittens.

More than 20 kittens are waiting for homes – and the branch has stopped taking in cats until the number goes down.

The charity says the surge is mainly due to pregnant cats being dumped days before they give birth.

Branch rehoming coordinator Cherrie Bartlett said: “To have this number of kittens at this time of year is quite staggering and very worrying.

“Many people would think that kittens would find new homes easily, but this year has been tough and we just are not getting the people coming forward to rehome.

“We have to find new homes for all these kittens fast, because we have a waiting list of more cats and kittens that need to come into our care, but we just can’t take them at the moment because we are so full.”

nIf you can offer a home to a kitten please call the charity on 01205 319059 or visit and click on the pet section search.