Homes left without water

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HUNDREDS of homes were left without water last night (Thursday) after a problem with a pump.

Residents in Spalding and Holbeach and surrounding villages turned on their taps to find low pressue or no water at all after a power supply problem to the pump at Weston just after 6.30pm.

A spokesman for Anglian Water apologised for the inconvenience, particularly on a night when temperatures are reported to have dropped to -7C, and said engineers set up a generator to get the pump back online as quickly as possible.

It is suspected the problem may have been caused by the cold weather.

Ciaran Nelson, a spokesman for Anglian Water, said: “In a large, flat area like South Holland these pumps are necessary to push the water around the network, so when they go the water pressure drops quite quickly.

“Fortunately the alternative generator was up and running by about 10.30pm and people would have seen their water come back on quite quickly after that, within half an hour or an hour.”

Mr Nelson said the company’s first priority is to restore water supply, but it will now turn its attention to investigating what went wrong and attempt to prevent a similar problem occurring again.