Homeless man stole from friend who helped him out

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A homeless man who was 
assisted by an old school friend in his time of need went on to break into the property of the man who helped him.

Damien Baker was allowed to pitch his tent in the garden of the home of Gary Scott at Stickney when he had nowhere else to live.

Andrew Vout, prosecuting, said that Baker was given meals and his clothes were washed for him while he stayed at the property.

Mr Vout said “The relationship became rather strained by the beginning of August and Mr Scott asked Baker to pack up and leave.

“The defendant asked to return to collect his tent on August 2 but the Scotts had a long-standing arrangement to take their children to Skegness that day and told him it was not convenient.”

Mr Vout said that Baker, knowing the family were away, went to the property and let himself in with a key. He helped himself to a number of items including a lap top computer and charger.

The Scotts returned later to find the items missing. They tracked down Baker and confronted him at a fast food restaurant in Boston.

Baker sold the lap top for £70, claiming he used the proceeds to take his children bowling and to buy them a McDonalds meal.

Baker (29), who gave an 
address in Gleed Avenue, Donington, admitted burglary. He was jailed for 12 months.

Mark Knowles, defending, said Baker had previously served a jail sentence for 
attempted robbery and found it difficult to obtain accommodation following his release.

He urged that Baker be 
given a chance and said that his client’s position has changed since the burglary.

Mr Knowles said “He is in a new relationship and his partner is two and a half months pregnant. He feels he is in a much more stable position.

“He fully accepts his responsibility for this matter and fully accepts it was for financial benefit.”