HOLBEACH: Why don’t you help rather than criticise?

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In response to Edna Lambert’s letter in last week’s Free Press.

I note that as a relative newcomer to the area Ms Lambert seems to have a very negative view of Holbeach.

Her observations about the closed banks and shops in the High Street are quite correct and anyone who has lived in Holbeach for any length of time will agree that it has always appeared that there is more time and money spent on Spalding than the surrounding area.

Holbeach is not alone in losing many of its shops over a period of time and whilst it is sad, it is a sign of the times.

However, before criticising the Christmas lights she should spare a thought for the army of volunteers who not only provide the machinery but also give up their time for free every year to put our lights up.

This year the weather was atrocious but they still turned up and spent most of a very wet Sunday putting the decorations up to bring a bit of cheer to the High Street and will also give up their time to take them all down in January. Without these people, Holbeach would look very dreary at this time of year.

Holbeach does have a Christmas Fayre this year. Organised by the church and other volunteers, it has taken on a very different look but hopefully will be as successful as the previous event and prove that Holbeach does have some Christmas joy.

If Ms Lambert joined some of these voluntary groups or attended Parish Council meetings she would see there are some residents in Holbeach who are prepared to stand up to help their town instead of standing back and criticising.

Carol Johnson