Holbeach tragedy: parents find daughter dead on bathroom floor

Inquest hears about tragic death of Andrea Davies.
Inquest hears about tragic death of Andrea Davies.
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Parents worried about their daughter found her dead on the bathroom floor in the bungalow where she lived alone in Holbeach, an inquest heard.

Andrea Davies (49) had failed to return phone calls so Walter and Margaret Davies went to her house, found Andrea “ice cold” on the bathroom floor and called emergency services.

Mr Davies told an inquest today: “We presumed she was dead at that time.”

PC Sarah Draper, who arrived at 1pm, said in a statement that Mrs Davies “began to have a fit or a seizure”.

The paramedic who had declared Andrea dead began treating Mrs Davies and was helped by a second paramedic who arrived on the scene.

The inquest heard Andrea, who was morbidly obese and weighed 35 stones, had a history of health problems, which included having knee replacements, chronic severe pain from arthritis, degenerative hip pain and diabetes.

“She was often in a great deal of pain,” said Mr Davies.

Her painkillers included slow release morphine and liquid morphine and a toxicology report revealed she had so much of the drug in her system that it far exceeded the recognised lethal level, which ranges from 50 nanograms to 4,000 nanograms per millilitre of blood. Andrea’s morphine level was 6,294 nanograms per millilitre.

Other prescribed drugs were found that could have combined to act as CNS (central nervous system) depressants.

Dr Murray Spittal, a coroner for South Lincolnshire, said there was no suggestion Andrea had intended to take her own life and it wasn’t known why she had taken so much morphine.

He said: “My conclusion is that Andrea’s death is drug related – that’s a term prescribed by the Chief Coroner and does not imply illicit or improper use of drugs.”

Andrea died on November 25, 2015. A statement from GP Dr Shaun Rayner revealed Andrea had been strongly advised on November 11 to “try to reduce her use of morphine”.

Mr Davies said had texted Andrea the previous night about a possible trip to Springfields on the 25th. Andrea had texted back, asking if she could let them know tomorrow, because she was having a job shaking off whatever it was that was “making me feel rubbish” and didn’t want to pass it on.