Holbeach residents oppose latest new homes plan

The land planned for homes
The land planned for homes
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OUTRAGED residents of a Holbeach road have joined together to fight a planning application for 100 homes on open fields behind their homes.

The outline application asks for permission to build 100 homes on agricultural land behind existing properties.

So the owners’ current pleasant vista over open fields could instead become the view of a housing estate.

Andy Hardy, who lives in Wignals Gate, is leading the protests against the proposed scheme.

“It’s just ridiculous - there isn’t the infrastructure for another development of that size in Holbeach,” said Andy.

“Instead of a field fullof daffodils, there will be a field full of houses behind the affected homes.

“We are on the end, at the edge of the proposed development, so we won’t be so badly affected, but there have been so many houses agreed for Holbeach - Ashwood Homes with their 900 approved, another 650 at the A17/A151 travellers’ site (Peppermint Junction), and 180 just approved in Battlesfield Lane.

“We have been told the proposals for Wignals Gate are contrary to the Local Plan, so that should help.”

Residents have until the end of business today (Thursday, April 27) to register their objections. MP John Hayes visited Mr Hardy while campaigning in Holbeach at the weekend.

“He knew all about it and didn’t think it should even be raised,” said Andy.

“He asked me to forward my emails on the matter to his office.”

The campaigners are alsobacked by county and district councillor Nick Worth, who said: “I understand why they have put it [the application] in, but I think it’s too much.

“Personally, I think we have got enough new homes here and we have to draw a line in the sand.

“Clearly, there is no public support for this at all. I very much hope the papers put to the planning committee will recommend refusal.

“I will certainly be objecting to it, as will most of the residents - I have spoken to most people in the road. A similar application was refused a few years ago - it is clearly not part of the current Local Plan or the new Local Plan now under consultation.”