Holbeach plan for 900 homes and new school set for green light

Developer Ashley King
Developer Ashley King
  • Roundabout would also be built at notorious Peppermint Junction
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Planners are on Wednesday expected to give the green light to a 900 home scheme in Holbeach.

Ashley King Developments are behind the plan on farmland nearFen Road in the south of the town, which would also include a primary school.

None of the concerns result in an adverse impact significant enough to warrant refusal

And the developer would have to contribute towards a £3.45million roundabout being built for the notorious A151/A17 Peppermint Junction.

Planning officers have recommended outline planning permission be granted when South Holland District Council’s planning committee meets on Wednesday evening – but subject to the applicant entering into a Section 106 agreement. This would see them contributing towards the new roundabout and off-site highway improvements, funding a Call Connect bus, building a primary school and affordable housing, providing open and play space, restoring Manor Farm house as a community facility and contributing towards the town centre improvement plan.

The work would see two homes and some post-war agricultural buildings demolished.

Access would be off Hall Gate and Fen Road, with a compact roundabout built on to Hall Gate and a ghost island right turn priority junction onto Fen Road. The A151/Wignals Gate junction would also be improved.

The application does not detail the make-up of homes, although the proposal allows for one to three storey, one-bedroom to five-bedroom houses. A third of them (around 300) would be affordable housing.

Holbeach Parish Council has objected to the proposal, saying it could increase the population of a town “already bursting at the seams” by 3,000.

Doctors, clinics and dentists are already oversubscribed, they say, and the development is also outside the current designated development area. They are also worried about the access routes, saying Fen Road and Hallgate are not suitable for an increase in traffic volume.

Drainagae of water from the proposed development may put Holbeach at risk of flooding, they claim.

MP John Hayes also objects after being contacted by many concerned residents – 62 of them have also formally objected.

Ward councillor Francis Biggadike belives land already allocated should be built on before a development on agricultural land.

Lincolnshire County Council Highways estimates the development would generate around 449 two-way vehicle trips on weekday mornings and 528 two-way trips after noon but the proposed junction improvements would mitigate the impact.

The county’s Children’s Services say 180 primary and 171 secondary places would be required at local schools. Although a primary school would be built, they would want the applicant to pay towards creating more secondary school capacity.

Planning officers say the development would be instrumental in delivering a large proportion of the district’s affordable housing provision.

In recommending outline permission, they say none of the concerns result in an adverse impact significant enough to warrant refusal.


Plan unveiled for 900 homes in Holbeach