HOLBEACH PARK: Decision not taken lightly

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In response to the almost laughable, ill-informed letter from Julie Cooper I would like to state some facts which she obviously has not bothered to find out.

It was in fact the park keeper, being my husband, myself and a friend, all dog lovers, who were the founders of the dog exercise area in 2010. We tirelessly campaigned for it against much opposition from many Holbeach parish councillors and heated “discussions” with the police. We instigated a petition with almost 100 signatures which 20 of us dog lovers presented to the parish council in the open forum of their monthly meeting. After a heated discussion the parish council took a vote and we only just won by 1 vote. The area was allowed as a “concession” for Holbeach 
parishioners and it was written into the minutes of the meeting that it was not a permanent decision. So Mrs Cooper you are very lucky to have the facility you have now.

Those who come in now from other areas, why not lobby your own parish/district councillors for a facility in your parish, if they refuse keep fighting.

Secondly, the decision to temporarily close the area was taken by my husband, the parks committee, consisting of two parish councillors and the parish council clerk. That is the way things are done at the park. It serves no purpose to the cause for you to pick out one person and write spiteful letters against them when they acquired the area for you in the first place. Hopefully the public will now keep the area clean, it would be a great shame to lose it permanently.

There has been a great increase recently in dog excreta left in the dog exercise area, the place having to be cleaned up each morning before the park is opened. There already have been warning signs put round the area and there has much been going on behind the scenes before this decision was made.

It may be the minority spoiling it for the majority as is often the way but those who are responsible need to be more pro active in solving the problem even if that means picking up other dogs foulings. Anyone seeing any offences occurring should report it to the park staff or South Holland District Council dog warden.