Holbeach Hospital staff back mum’s A17 crossing plea

Mum Paula Hayes crosses the A17 with her daughters. SG261115-100TW
Mum Paula Hayes crosses the A17 with her daughters. SG261115-100TW
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Nearly 30 staff at Holbeach Hospital back a mum’s plea for a safe pedestrian crossing to be installed on the A17 to link Boston Road South and North.

Hospital manager Maxine Winch said 27 staff favour “safe passage” across the A17 – not only for themselves, but for residents they take into Holbeach town centre in wheelchairs and elderly people who visit the home on foot.

It’s a long way across for somebody in their eighties. It is unnecessary risk they have to take.

Hospital manager Maxine Winch

Dangers of dicing with death on the A17 were highlighted recently by mum Paula Hayes, who crosses the busy trunk road up to eight times a day with her daughters and says it’s too far to walk a mile out of their way to use an underpass.

Mrs Winch told us: “One member of staff who crosses the road every day said the traffic comes across the roundabout too fast and another said basically the same.”

In fine weather, staff cross two double-lanes of high volume, A17 traffic while pushing elderly residents in wheelchairs and there’s no chance of sprinting.

“You can’t run with a wheelchair,” said Mrs Winch. “It’s a risky business, really, pushing somebody in a wheelchair because they might fall out.”

The home is also concerned about visitors trying to cross the A17 beside the roundabout as the road is so wide at that point.

“It’s a long way across for somebody in their eighties,” said Mrs Winch. “It is unnecessary risk they have to take.”

Mrs Hayes has welcomed the hospital’s support and will continue campaigning next year.

She says residents like her who live on the north side of the A17 have no amenities – not even a shop – and need to have a safe crossing to reach Holbeach town centre.

She said: “Residents on the north side of the A17 have been forgotten about.”

County councillor Nick Worth is pressing his authority to provide a crossing when Peppermint Junction is replaced by a roundabout next year.

He’s had “mixed messages” from the council – with someone in highways saying it could take 15 years – but he wants the work done as part of a Section 106 agreement so it happens soon and doesn’t cost taxpayers’ money.

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