HOLBEACH HOMES PLAN: A knee-jerk reaction

Paul Foyster
Paul Foyster
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The outline plans for the Manor Farm/Hallgate scheme have now been passed.

Holbeach can look forward to maybe more than 3,000 new residents and perhaps 1,500 extra cars.

Quite how schools, doctors’ surgeries and other important infrastructure will cope, and how traffic volumes and patterns will change, is highly uncertain.

Given that there were a number of ruling group members who made good points about the problems that this development would cause, I was surprised so many voted in favour of it. Clearly many local Holbeach people think differently.

The chairman made the point, more than once, that full development could take years and that’s true.

It could also be that this now hugely valuable site is sold to a big national builder and that work is completed very quickly indeed.

I am all for business people making a profit, but I am concerned that so much money can be made by any private company which, several years ahead, apparently manages to out guess all the professional planners.

We do need more homes, but not necessarily all on one site. Quality of life is just as important as a roof over your head.

This decision looks very like a knee-jerk reaction to central government policy and a desire for private funding of public services.

It was also pointed out that this is an outline plan only, so there is still time to salvage as much benefit for Holbeach as possible.

Next time this comes before the planning committee, it would be nice to see more of the public at the meeting, even though everyone seemed convinced the outcome of the last one was a forgone conclusion.

Democracy is about more than just electing representatives – everyone has to take part when necessary.