Holbeach football academy: ‘nice idea, wrong site’

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A GROUP of residents fear plans for a youth football facility near their homes could spell disaster.

Philip Wiseman, of Cherry Tree Road, and some of his neighbours have lodged official objections to developer Ashley King’s dream of six football pitches, a pavilion and changing rooms, as well as 30 new homes at Penny Hill.

The project, which was started by Mr King’s father, Holbeach stalwart John King, would be called King’s Academy and sit on the former PA Moerman nursery site.

Mr Wiseman said: “Mr King’s proposal is an admirable scheme, although we are unsure whether the size of this is suitable for Holbeach, but that is not the question.

“The question very simply is, is this the correct place for such a development or are we looking at another planning disaster for local residents.

“We believe it is.”

They described the development as “urban sprawl and ribbon development” outside of Holbeach development area and said Penny Hill Road is “wholly unsuitable” for the potentially massive increase in traffic flow which could be brought about by six football pitches – such as two teams of players per pitch, linesmen and spectators.

They say problems already exist at the southern end of Penny Hill Road with parents parking to collect their children from University Academy Holbeach, and fear pedestrian safety would be put at risk as well.

Mr Wiseman added that noise levels, floodlights and “inevitable” problems with litter were just not acceptable for residents in a rural area.

He said: “There are other far better sites available, particularly on the west side of Holbeach on the A17/A151 link road offering much better approach facilities for all pedestrians and traffic.”