Historic mill is set to sail again soon

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SAILS are once again set to turn on Moulton Mill after more than 100 years.

Organisers of the Moulton Windmill Project have now been able to reveal that they are expecting the historic event to take place ahead of schedule at the end of August or beginning of September – weather permitting – bringing to an end the 14-year £1.7m restoration project.

Almost ironically, one of the few things that could still stand in the way is the one thing necessary to turn the sails – wind. If it is too windy the big day could be delayed for health and safety reasons.

Project chairman Byron Hahn said: “After 14 years of hard graft and about £1.7m we are now in a position where the sails are ready to go up.

“No person alive will have seen the mill complete with sails because they were taken down in December 1894. This will be a real visual treat for everyone who comes to Moulton Mill.

“This great event is only possible thanks to a tremendous effort by the project team, friends of the mill and volunteers from the local area and further afield.

“Hopefully it means visitors to the mill will be able to see the wheels turning on the main grindstone and other parts of machinery working, which is a step towards our final ambition to grind our own corn to sell to the public so the mill is self-sustaining.”

And it is hoped the TV cameras will be rolling to record for posterity the moment the sails are unveiled for the first time, as producers of BBC’s One Show have expressed an interest in being there.

Mr Hahn hopes exposure on prime time TV will alert more people, including many from other areas of the country, to the existence of the mill, which is the tallest in Europe, and attract more visitors.

Because the exact date of the sails going on cannot be set in stone because of the weather and other factors such as crane hire, those behind the scheme are planning an offical opening ceremony on Monday, October 24.

More details will be available nearer the time.