‘Hip, hip’ hooray – Pilgrim tops chart

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United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s innovative way of managing hip fractures at Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital has come out on top for the second year running.

The information published in the 2014 annual report of the National Hip Fracture Database has revealed that compared to 182 hospitals, Pilgrim is top for ensuring that patients are operated on quickly.

This has a major impact on patients’ ability to make a full recovery.

Pilgrim was also the number one hospital in the country for achieving best practice criteria in the National Hip Fracture Database report in 2013.

The average length of stay for patients is also one of the lowest in the country at 12.7 days compare to a national average of 15.3 days.

The team at the hospital, led by orthopaedic surgeon Theo Joachim, recognised the need to improve standards and care for patients admitted to hospital with hip fractures.

To address these issues the team revolutionised the care of patients who have hip fractures, by improving assessment, the speed at which patients are taken to theatre for surgery and after care.

Improvements have been achieved by changing the way clinical teams work, ensuring such cases are treated as a priority, and innovatively using operating theatre time to reduce delays.

Dr Joachim said: “Most hip fractures are suffered by frail, elderly patients, for whom the injury is life-threatening.

“Therefore the improve-ments we have made are saving lives.”