High school and Gleed pupils agree they’re the same

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Pupils from the Gleed and High schools have worked together on The Terrible Tale of Nipper Towers and that has put the focus on their similarities, rather than their differences.

For instance, Sir John Gleed School pupil Katie Murray (15) says she thought Spalding High School pupils talked about them as being “stupid” and the school “bad” and they in turn thought pupils at the other school were snobs. In fact, she has discovered: “We are not that different.”

Lucy Peters (14) agrees that working with pupils from the high school has broken down the stereotypical ideas that had been passed on to her when she first went to the Gleed school.

At 16, Beth Martin – who will be playing her ukulele in the production – is the oldest member of the theatre company, but the high school pupil says it is good to interact with young people from a different school, and that they have come together to produce a really great show.

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