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ON THE BEAT with Inspector Jim Tyner

Regular readers will know that I write these weekly articles to highlight some of the hidden aspects of policing.

I really do try hard not to make them about me, but about the hard work of my officers.

It may sound corny and trite, but I have always enjoyed being part of our policing family.

Of course, like any family, that doesn’t mean that we all get on all the time. But there is a sense of belonging.

This week, as Valentine’s Day is upon us, I want to pay tribute to another hidden part of our policing family.

There are a group of people who, although they have never donned a uniform or made an arrest, also endure a career in policing.

I am, of course, referring to our husbands, wives, partners and families who have been there for us throughout the years.

They have to put up with countless broken promises of us being home on time for parents’ evening; they endure the nagging uncertainty of a loved one putting on their uniform and heading for work, not knowing what that tour of duty may bring.

They are the ones who, a hundred times, have to tell young children to be quiet because mummy or daddy is sleeping off a night shift.

They are the ones whose blood turns to ice every time there is a news item about a police officer killed in the line of duty in another partof the country: silently grateful that it isn’t them who is receiving that dreaded phone call... this time.

Our loved ones have to put up with us working over Christmas when everyone else is with their families; they have to endure endless New Years Eve’s alone.

Regular readers will know that policing can be physically and mentally demanding and traumatic.

That burden is eased by the support of our loved ones when we have finished a particularly challenging tour of duty.

Most of us could not do this job without the support of our loved ones.

Lincolnshire Police is built on the foundations of these unsung heroes.

If I write these columns as a representative of South Holland’s policing family then, just this once, Mrs Tyner can represent our loved ones.....Happy Valentine’s Day, Jayne.