Hero Thomas (14) saves car crash woman

BRAVE RESCUER: Schoolboy hero Thomas Issitt who rescued a crash driver from a water filled dyke. Photo: SG121212-112NG
BRAVE RESCUER: Schoolboy hero Thomas Issitt who rescued a crash driver from a water filled dyke. Photo: SG121212-112NG
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A hero schoolboy plucked a woman to safety when her car somersaulted on an icy road and landed on its roof in a water-filled dyke.

Thomas Issitt (14) was being driven to school along Old Fendike Road, Weston Hills, when the silver Vauxhall Astra came from Mill Drove North and plunged into the ditch.

His mum, Jenny, dialled 999 while strapping near six-footer Thomas waded into 3ft deep, ice-cold water to reach the woman driver and carry her to safety.

Mrs Issitt said: “She was all crumpled down and very dazed, very traumatised.

“Thomas actually carried her out of the dyke.

“Although he’s 14, he’s almost 6ft and plays rugby. I think she would have struggled to get out by herself.”

The crash happened at about 8.20am on Tuesday at the Old Fendike Road and Mill Drove North crossroads.

Mrs Issitt said: “We were probably at least 100 yards away when she was coming through the crossroads and her car flipped over. We know that crossroads is notoriously bad.

“It looked like something out of an action movie. The car spun up in the air and landed face down.”

The driver, a 41-year-old from Peterborough, was taken to Peterborough City Hospital and allowed home the same day.

Spalding police inspector Jim Tyner phoned Mrs Issitt to commend Thomas for his bravery.

Insp Tyner told the Spalding Guardian: “I think it’s an incredibly brave thing to do and Thomas’s mum must be very proud of him.”

Police are now considering putting Thomas’s name forward for an award.

Mrs Issitt, owner director of Crowland Cranes with husband Peter, took Thomas home to change his clothes before they continued their journey to Kirkstone House School, Baston.

Mrs Issitt had two other pupils with her at the time and they remained safely in the car throughout the drama.

Kirkstone House School headteacher Corinne Jones said: “We all feel really proud of Thomas. He said he got the woman out of the car through the boot.

“It’s very poignant for us because we actually lost a parent on an icy road last winter so it’s a real hero moment.”

Thomas has been a pupil at Kirkstone House for just a few weeks. Mrs Jones said: “He has settled really well and he’s a lovely boy.”

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