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Exam time ANL-140403-112205001
Exam time ANL-140403-112205001
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The High Life by Spalding High School

The most universally dreaded time in any school calendar for pupils and teachers alike: exam season.

Auschwitz concentration camp

Auschwitz concentration camp

Having just completed their mock exams last week, the sixth formers can now finally take a fleeting break from pouring over their textbooks and scribbling copious notes.

Despite the tantalising range of extra-curricular treats on offer, exams are irrefutably an unavoidable part of school life.

Those girls in line to take their GCSEs this summer are also feeling the mounting pressure at the moment. But for these students there is a silver lining glinting alluringly on the horizon.

The English department – for the second year running – have secured a pillar of wisdom in the form of a prominent AQA Chief Examiner who will brief the girls on their enormously vital English language exam.

This will be one of the most significant exams that the girls will have sat to date and for most their future plans will teeter upon their results in this subject.

The auspicious opportunity is for the Year 11 girls to gain precious pearls of wisdom from an eminent member of the exam board whilst also having the chance to quell their bubbling fears by posing their questions to the examiner, who will assuredly prove to be a priceless gem of invaluable information in enabling them to prepare for their tangibly close exam.

It is a day which promises to be illuminating, lively and – above all – richly informative.

Whilst exams will never be the most thrilling part of any student’s life, it is to be hoped that the girls will be able to use this as a chance to form an instrumental part of their revision so that they may sit down to their English exam this summer slightly more serene with the knowledge galvanised from this day.

Visit to Auschwitz

The past is unavoidable. Spalding High School is a great advocate of this and the history department thrive from the avid listeners that wish to learn about their heritage and background.

One of the most well received topics within the school is the Holocaust and the school have provided two sixth form students with the opportunity to attend an educational tour of Auschwitz in the upcoming weeks.

As part of the Holocaust Educational Trust, the students will attend two seminars, a day visit to the concentration camp and will share their experiences with students from the younger years and the readers of the High Life.