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Hospital visitors are being asked to protect vulnerable patients this festive season by helping to prevent the spread of the winter vomiting bug.

Reported cases of norovirus are particularly high so far this winter, closing a number of wards in hospitals in other parts of the country.

Fortunately no wards have been closed at Spalding’s Johnson Community Hospital, but bosses are asking anyone visiting the hospital to observe strict hygiene rules to prevent an outbreak.

Lynne Roberts, infection prevention and control nurse advisor for the south of Lincolnshire, said: “There are a number of things visitors can do to make sure they don’t put vulnerable patients and staff at risk of diseases such as the norovirus.

“Even if you only have mild symptoms of a stomach upset, it is important to stay away from the hospital until you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

“Make sure you wash your hands frequently and thoroughy, soap and warm water is best, and pay attention to hand hygiene notices such as using hand gel.”

So far 900,000 people in England have been infected this winter.