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Appeal to Holbeach businesses and residents to support repair work at Cemtery Chapels

It is hoped that kindhearted businesses and residents will offer their help to provide desperately needed repairs to a Holbeach landmark.

The future of the Holbeach Cemetery Chapels, owned by Holbeach Parish Council is heavily reliant on funding from grants granted to the Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust and the council’s money.

Holbeach Parish Councillor Isobel Hutchinson says that any help would be appreciated, after it was estimated that it would cost around £30,000 to repair the leaking roof of the Victorian chapels on Park Road.

Holbeach Cemetery Chapels (8317929)
Holbeach Cemetery Chapels (8317929)

Coun Hutchinson said: “The Cemetery Chapels are an ongoing project for us as the parish council.

“The trust is hoping to move forward but they will need additional funding.

“They are in the process of applying for a grant from Historic England but they are now very unsure if they will get the funding.

Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Heritage Open Days. Chris Penney Chair of Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust. (42251352)
Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Heritage Open Days. Chris Penney Chair of Holbeach Cemetery Chapels Trust. (42251352)

“This is due to the pandemic and changes which have been made to the application criteria, so they’ve had to tweak the application and they are resubmitting it soon but they are not overly hopeful that they will get the money they want.

“As it’s our building, all of the responsibility is ours to bring it up to standard but we wouldn’t be able to do the full project the trust are intending to do.

“The chapels have begun to deteriorate as time has gone by and if the roof is not fixed it will have a knock on effect.”

Flowers are laid at the closed cemeteries by Holbeach Parish Council (33199847)
Flowers are laid at the closed cemeteries by Holbeach Parish Council (33199847)

The chapels have been opened to the public as part of events such as the Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days Festival, with hopes that the building could be brought back into use for members of the public.

Coun Hutchinson said: “A lot of people have already supported the project with funding and people are very passionate about the chapels. People want to see the building brought back into use.

“Now that the trust is in danger of not getting the money - and I know they are asking for a substantial amount from the grant fund - it would sit there as things are if we don’t get help.

“We can’t keep raising the precept to raise funds for the work.”

Coun Hutchinson also said: “A member of the trust is currently sourcing pricing for the work but we really need to get some sheeting down.

“If there’s anyone who can help us to do that it would be appreciated as we really need to get it done as soon as possible.

“If anyone has the skills which are required in order to repair the roof and they would be happy to offer their help or to give us a quote for the works it would be fantastic if they could get in touch.

“The roof is very ornate and the building is listed, so they would need to be qualified to carry out the works on a listed building to keep it like-for-like at the standard it is at.

“Finally, we would like to hear from any one who would like to get involved or offer donations towards the works in general.

“Any money we receive will go into a separate pot which we will use directly on the chapels and part of the project. “

If you are able to offer help or donations to support this project, please contact the Holbeach Parish Council office on 01406 426739 or email holbeachpc@btconnect.com

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