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Have you seen Silver?
Have you seen Silver?
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A new column to reunite owners and their missing pets.

My seven-month-old kitten Silver went missing from my garden on Monday, February 24 at teatime. He was out just minutes – and simply vanished.

Despite searching constantly, day and night, checking nearby roads in case he’d been hit by a car, and asking/leafleting neighbours and putting up posters in local villages, checking local vets and rescues, he is still missing. And we miss him desperately, as does his sister kitten, Maggie, who is pining for him.

If anyone sees him, or has taken him in thinking he’s a stray, or has even bought him in good faith, I would ask that they please get in touch with me – no questions asked.

Silver is a very distinctive-looking grey silver tabby, and has cream markings around his eyes (it looks like he’s wearing cream eyeliner). He is semi-longhaired with a very fluffy tail.

He went missing from Lambert Bank at the Holbeach Drove end of Gedney Hill. My phone number is 01406 331421. There is a substantial reward for Silver’s safe return. But I would also be grateful if anyone knows what has happened to him.

Caroline Davis.

Send details of your missing pets to and we will endeavour to include as many as we can in each column.