‘Help me challenge injustice in Thailand’

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A Spalding human rights activist is setting up a legal defence fund to help fight civil and criminal charges lodged against him by a Thai fruit company.

Last week, the Spalding Guardian reported how Andy Hall had challenged the British Embassy to support him after police at Bangna Police Station “nearly tricked” him into confessing the allegations he made about working conditions at National Fruit Company Ltd were untrue.

Mr Hall said he had been told by the Embassy he was “in no different position to an accused paedophile” and was given a “What to do in a Thai jail” book.

Following new allegations against Mr Hall, he now faces four criminal and civil charges:

l Southern Bangkok Criminal Court: Computer Crimes Act (maximum five years’ imprisonment per count/fine

lSouthern Bangkok Criminal Court: defamation (maximum two years’ imprisonment per count/fine)

lBangna Police Station: defamation (max two years’ imprisonment per count/fine)

lNakhon Pathom Civil Court: defamation (US$10 million damages or Thai Baht 
300 million)

So far, he has received support from Finnwatch/ Front Line Defenders, but with the onset of the fourth case, new costs have now arisen.

He said: “The time is coming nearer when a more fuller defence of the cases, utilising a team of professional lawyers, will be required.

“These four cases will require a significant amount of financial and human resources to defend, however generous with time and costs my lawyers are.

“It is important to be defended and win – ultimately I will succeed – as the cases raise matters of injustice and principle that need to be challenged and exposed internationally – importantly to support both migrant and Thai rights activists.”

If you would like to support him, email andyjhall1979@gmail.com