Hearts stay strong with donation to Weston St Mary’s

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Pupils and staff at Weston St Mary Primary School can be lifesavers after the donation of a defibrillator by Christine Pepper of Weston, with help from the charity Sudden Adult Death Trust (SADS) UK.

Money for the equipment that helps restore a person’s heartbeat after a cardiac arrest was raised by Christine whose son John died from Sudden Arrthymic Death Syndrome in 2004.

Christine said: “I’ve been fundraising for SADS UK for quite a while after losing my son and after the case of footballer Fabrice Muamba (who collapsed after his heart stopped while playing in March 2012), I set my mind to do something and get a defibrillator into the school.

“My grandsons go to Weston St Mary so I thought it would be a good idea to fundraise for it.

“Everyone at the school was enthusiastic about it, including the headteacher and the mums.”

A spokesman for SADS UK said: “Christine was keen to donate a defibrillator to Weston St Mary Primary School as she understands how important this lifesaving equipment is.

“Along with a generous donation from Weston Parish Council, the purchase of the defibrillator was made possible through fundraising by Christine and her family.”