Healthy fun at open day

Elliot Moran organizes the BMX Scooter Competition
Elliot Moran organizes the BMX Scooter Competition
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There was four hours of non-stop fun as Flinders Founders teen park in Donington held another open day last week.

The day was all about being 
active, and to celebrate the completion of grant-funded work to help make the park become more environmentally friendly.

Trying out the rowing machine.

Trying out the rowing machine.

There was a selection of activities for all ages, from bouncy castles and rowing machines to graffiti boards and garden games.

There were also competitions on the skate equipment, allowing the park’s frequent users to show off their tricks and skills on scooters, skateboards and bikes.

And there was a barbecue and a variety of fruit and salad was on offer too. There was also a raffle with sports-related prizes.

The event was also used as an opportunity to find out what equipment the users of the park wanted to see next, with questionnaires handed out.

The event was a massive success and raised vital money for the park. Flinders Founders would like to thank Bicker Wind Farm Trust for the grant for the environment work and Lincolnshire Healthy Hub, whose £1,000 donation helped make Wednesday’s event a success.

• A full page of pictures appeared in this week’s Spalding Guardian – still available to buy.