Healthier dinners for rescue dogs thanks to Arden Grange

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Dogs’ dinners at Jerry Green Dog Rescue are now healthier and more nutritious after the charity agreed a deal with leading pet food supplier Arden Grange.

All five of the charity’s centres, including one at Algarkirk, are now using the Arden Grange food exclusively to feed the dogs in their care.

Previously the charity relied on donations of dog food, but the health benefits of switching to an approved supplier are already becoming clear.

“We’re so grateful to all the generous supporters who have donated dog food to us over the years,” said Angela Salisbury, head of operations.

“However, we’re always looking for ways to improve welfare standards for the dogs in our care, and part of improving welfare means providing a stable, healthy and consistent diet.

“We’re delighted that food for all our dogs is now being supplied by Arden Grange. It’s a really positive step forward as the consistency and quality of the food will reduce dietary problems and mean fewer trips to the vet.

“By providing a high-quality diet we’re able to feed our dogs the optimum amount to ensure good health.”

Arden Grange is providing a significant discount on the price of the food and is also supplying a complimentary 2kg bag of food for every dog the charity re-homes

Catherine Foster, head of fundraising, is asking supporters to make a different kind of donation from now on.

“We still have our collection bins in supermarkets but the new bins are designed for donations of dog toys and treats rather than food,” she said.

“Many of the dogs in our care have never experienced a loving home or even been given toys to play with, so it’s essential that we introduce this element into their lives.

“Not only are they fun for the dogs but toys and treats are a great aid to training and development too.”