‘Where is our bus stop?’- OAP

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Elderly passengers travelling to Long Sutton to do a weekly shop have been promised a temporary bus stop will be in place next week at an agreed shortcut through to the Co-op.

Passengers were upset at the delay after reading in the Lincolnshire Free Press in October that Norfolk Green’s King’s Lynn to Spalding 505 service was to get a temporary bus stop outside St Mary’s Church cemetery gates on a six months’ trial.

Norfolk Green boss Ben Colson and one of his drivers had made a plea to the parish council for the new stop to help elderly and infirm passengers who cut through the churchyard to the supermarket.

Lincolnshire County Council agreed to provide a pole on London Road to show where the bus stop was, but no shelter.

Jean Hall (78), of Sutton Bridge, said: “It’s January now and still no bus stop. I have arthritis and it takes me three-quarters of an hour to walk from where the bus stops to the Co-op – and then I’m done in afterwards.

“There are a lot of elderly people using this service and wondering what has happened.”

A spokesman for Norfolk Green said they were sorry to hear the bus had not stopped for Mrs Hall.

The spokesman said: “Our regular drivers know to stop there, but a problem could have arisen if there was someone new on the route.”

Tanya Vaughan, principal projects officer at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “A temporary high-visibility bus stop sign will be in place by the end of next week. After six months it will be reviewed.”