Volunteers prepare to raise roof for charity

Vista Crew volunteers who took part in the last fundraiser - a three-mile fun run
Vista Crew volunteers who took part in the last fundraiser - a three-mile fun run
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A group of Spalding volunteers plan to get on their bikes to raise awareness of a disease they believe has touched the lives of many local residents.

Members of the Vista Crew have organised two events this month – a concert and 23-mile sponsored cycle – to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Cath Gibson, event organiser, said: “Alzheimer’s has touched many of our members’ lives so we wanted to raise money and raise awareness – especially as it’s Alzheimer’s month.

“My nan was an Alzheimer’s sufferer for many years. At first we’d notice that she’d forget to do things, or got more muddled than normal about who was who.

“This gradually increased so that she would forget she was cooking tea or running the bath, for example, so she was unable to live independently and after a short time living with one of her daughters, had to go and live in a care home.

“Nan found this very difficult as she was continually confused about where she was and who people were.

“She would not recognise us when we visited and would talk about my mum as if she were a toddler. There were moments of clarity where Nan would talk about going home because she missed her house and her family but these were few and far between.

“It was difficult to watch this happening – she had always been so loving, caring, house proud, independent and happy.

“I can now look back and remember her in her healthy self, but my experiences of this horrible, devastating illness will always stay with me.”

In February, the Vista Crew took part in a three-mile fun run in aid of Cystic Fibrosis.

VistaFest will take place on Friday, September 20, at the Vista, showcasing local music.

On Sunday, September 29, volunteers will take part in a sponsored cycle around Rutland Water.

For more information about the events or how to contact them to support them, visit the Vista Crew on Facebook.

To find out about the Alzheimer’s Society charity and the help available to sufferers and their families, visit www.alzheimers.org.uk