New home care contracts agreed for South Holland and Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council.
Lincolnshire County Council.
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Home care and community support services in South Holland are to run by a Spalding-based as part of a countywide shake-up.

Atlas Care Service (ACS) of Market Place has been given the contract to deliver support to the elderly, dementia sufferers and other vulnerable adults in the area are reaching a deal with Lincolnshire County Council.

This new model for home care will also allow providers to deliver a more reactive service for people.

Pete Sidgwick, chief commissioning officer, Lincolnshire County Council

In all, 12 new providers of adult home care were announced yesterday by the council’s executive member for adult care, Coun Patricia Bradwell.

Of the 12, five are consortium-led, including Bourne where services will be jointly provided by Walnut Care of Boston and Essex-based Bloomsbury Home Care, along with Town and Country Care of North Yorkshire.

Pete Sidgwick, the county council’s chief commissioning officer, said: “We have remodelled home care in this way to make sure that people continue to get the care and support services they need at a price that is fair to the providers.

“This new model for home care will also allow providers to deliver a more reactive service for people and support the market to meet rising demand.

“The new contracts allow the 12 prime providers to sub-contract to other providers where it is appropriate and convenient for them.

“This has been built into the contract to offer our providers some flexibility and help them to deliver the best service they can for the people they care for.”

The council was required by law to organise a bidding process for home care and “community-supported living” in the county (CSL) when its current services end in the autumn.

Each provider will cover an area of Lincolnshire and help to replace a system where the council contracted directly with more than 70 businesses just for home care services alone.

A statement on ACS’s website said: “Around 4,000 hours of adult home care and support services are provided in the region each week and, going forward, ACS will be working in partnership with a number of home care providers that will continue to support ACS in meeting service demands and needs.

“ACS is keen to work with all existing service providers to promote the ongoing continuity of service provided to customers and people that use our services.”

Coun Bradwell added: “The new contracts will begin on September 26 but between now and then, we will be working closely with all providers, both under the new and old contracts, to make sure that the transition period is as smooth as possible for people and there is minimum disruption to their care.”

For more details, call the Adult Care team on 01522 554714.