Music event to rock town pub

Hermione and Simon Wren who is organising a 12-hour charity music event in Crowland on March 29.
Hermione and Simon Wren who is organising a 12-hour charity music event in Crowland on March 29.
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A father from Crowland who had the “heartache” of watching his young daughter fight for life in hospital is supporting the charity that helped him.

Simon Wren (47) of North Street is organising a 12-hour charity music event in the town to raise money for Premrose, a Cambridge-based support group for parents with children who are born prematurely or with serious illness.

Simon’s daughter Hermione Wren (6) was born with a rare congenital condition called Tracheoesophageal Fistula where part of the oesophagus or foodpipe is joined to the trachea or windpipe.

It means food cannot pass from the throat to the stomach and resulted in Hermione having surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, to have the abnormality repaired.

Simon said: “Hermione was very ill and within hours of being born, she was rushed to Addenbrooke’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit for surgery.

“Her mum wasn’t in a position to stay at the hospital all the time and she told one of the nurses how difficult it was financially to keep travelling up and down from Crowland to Cambridge.

“The next time she visited Addenbrooke’s, there was an envelope for her from Premrose with £50 in it and on further investigation, we found out the group also maintains private rooms for parents to stay in and funds the purchase of expensive medical equipment that the NHS can’t buy.

“There was a lot of trauma and heartache when Hermione was born, wondering whether she was going to survive or not.

“But she did and she now leads a normal and healthy life which is the reason why I’m fundraising for Premrose by organising a charity music event in Crowland.”

It takes place in the function room of the Crown Inn, West Street, Crowland, on Saturday March 29 from noon until midnight and features country music group The Jackson Creek Band, classic rock band Hair Resistance and pop tribute band Triple Seven.

The event is free but people will be asked to help Premrose by putting their donations in one of the collection buckets at the event.

Simon said: “I put on a music day for Premrose in Crowland in 2011 and the turnout was phenomenal, so hopefully everything will come together again this year.”