League really are the very best of Friends

Jenny Hinchliffe ANL-141023-113554001
Jenny Hinchliffe ANL-141023-113554001
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HEALTH MATTERS: By Head of clinical services at LCHS Trust Jenny Hinchliffe

We are really fortunate that our services at Johnson Community Hospital are supported by the League of Friends. The group of volunteers man the trolley shop which goes around the ward offering patients the chance to purchase snacks, cards and toiletries.

Together with the nurses, they organise a Christmas carol service and party and provide gifts for every patient. They also provide individual floral arrangements at Mother’s Day and arrangements around the hospital during the year.

The League of Friends has recently purchased two 
pachymeters for the eye clinic which will assist in the diagnosis of glaucoma and enable us to increase the number of patients seen in clinics. This means local residents won’t have to travel to Boston, Lincoln or Peterborough. We are also delighted the eye department has recently started to carry out cataract operations.

Last year marked the 60th anniversary of the League of Friends which started when a group of ladies joined together to purchase basic items of toiletries, nightwear and so on for patients in the Mintling Home, a Victorian workhouse in Pinchbeck Road which has now been demolished.

At the turn of the century the League of Friends became a registered independent charity to support and improve the benefits and comforts of all patients in the Spalding hospitals. When the original Johnson Hospital, founded so generously by the Johnson sisters in 1881, closed and the facilities transferred firstly to the Welland Hospital, and subsequently to the Johnson Community Hospital in 2009, the ‘Friends’ moved with them.

Although the modern hospital is fully equipped, there is always the need for additional equipment to improve the service and comfort of patients attending, either as an in or out patient. The League of Friends has donated more than £100,000 worth of equipment over the last decade; recently providing equipment including: mobile hoists, ECG equipment, a bladder scanner, a fiberscope for throat examinations, ophthalmic equipment, toys for the outpatient clinics, plus display stands for advisory leaflets and many other items around the hospital. We would like to thank everyone for supporting the League of Friends and ultimately helping our patients.