Institute project work for Candice

Candice Pellett OBE ANL-151003-103546001
Candice Pellett OBE ANL-151003-103546001
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Queen’s Nurse Candice Pellett OBE has joined the staff of The Queen’s Nursing Institute for a year.

Candice will manage two discrete areas of project work for the community nursing charity, both funded by the Department of Health.

The Discharge Planning Project will seek ways of improving the vital ‘transition of care’ period between hospital and community healthcare services.

The second project aims to gather and present 
evidence to demonstrate the value that studying for the District Nursing Specialist Practitioner Qualification (SPQ) brings to clinical practice.

Candice was previously Lincolnshire Community Health Services senior case manager within the community team based at Bourne Health Clinic.

She said: “I have been a district nurse for 20 years, and hope to bring some of the skills and experience from that career to my new role.