Hospital is not A&E facility so please don’t treat it as such

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Your front page item (Lincolnshire Free Press, October 25) regarding the Johnson Community Hospital implied that the hospital was at fault in some way.

The hospital has always made clear it does not have an accident and emergency facility and indeed the sign outside makes this quite clear.

Understandably the people concerned did not want to drive to Boston but why did they not telephone for an ambulance direct? There would have been no misunderstanding with regard to urgency and the paramedics would have been able to make the journey bearable.

Despite the lack of public transport, the Johnson provides a valuable service to the area surrounding Spalding. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming. The staff are helpful and listen to you.

Whilst understanding the bewilderment of the patient concerned they unfortunately made the wrong decision in their panic. Please do not blame the Johnson.

Sheila M Lomas (Mrs)

Fairfields, Holbeach