Hospital hell for town residents

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THIS week we asked ULHT to answer four important questions – but these were ignored and a bland statement was sent in response.

1) Worried residents brought the repeated vandalism and arson to ULHT’s attention in, at least, the summer of 2010. Why did ULHT continue in its gross failure to secure the site?

2) Repeated looting – including the theft of a generator for which three men have been convicted – vandalism and arson have all but destroyed the value of an asset. Why didn’t ULHT secure the Welland so funds generated from its sale could be ploughed back into health services?

3) Why – in the opinion of ULHT – should vulnerable, elderly residents be subjected to the fear of trouble from trespassers who are vandalising, looting and setting the site on fire?

4) As one resident has asked by letter – forwarded to you by MP John Hayes – will the person responsible for failing to properly secure the site lose their job?

ULHT director of estates and facilities Mike Speakman replied: “ULHT have had to spend a significant sum of money boarding up and securing the building since it was vacated, against what has now emerged as an unprecedented level of vandalism and theft.

“These are criminal acts that are being conducted against the property. We have now secured funding for the demolition of the building, in the interests of safety and minimising disruption and concern of neighbours. Whilst we had not planned to invest in the demolition of the vacant buildings, it will enhance the value of the land, and once sold, the proceeds will go back into the local health economy.

“Specialist advisors have already commenced work in preparation of the full demolition work, which is expected to start in September.

“We would like to apologise to all neighbours and local residents for any disruption or concern caused whilst the building has been vacant, and assure them we are taking this decisive action to minimise problems caused by offenders illegally entering our site.”