Health Matters: Thanks for all your donations and fantastic fundraising

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Thank you to everybody who continues to email me with their questions.

I’m pleased people continue to read this column and they take the time to send me their comments or queries.

This month I would like to talk to about what we do with the donations our patients and friends give to us.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services (LCHS) has a charitable funds office which helps us to collate and respond to any donations that we receive.

We are given donations from a variety of sources, including patients who have received care from us and would like to express their gratitude, or relatives and friends of patients both past and present who like to make services aware of the positive impact they have had on their loved one’s life.

All those who donate received a letter in return, acknowledging their contribution.

Donors can specify how they would like their donations to be used, however, the most useful donations do not have any restrictions so patient’s needs now, or in the future, can influence how to put the funds to best use.

Funds are spent in many different areas and are used to improve patient environments, keep staff updated on medical advances and to enhance available medical equipment.

Nothing that is essential for patient care is purchased from these charitable funds – it provides things which make hospital stays or visits more pleasant at what is often a difficult time.

The Johnson Community Hospital has a very active League of Friends who raise money on behalf of the hospital, which is spent in the same way as our other donations.

A group of staff from the Johnson Community Hospital also raise money through various events throughout the year, the headline event being the annual Johnson Community Hospital Charity Ball.

I am honoured to say I am the chairman of this committee and over the last four years we have raised more than £4,000 for charitable funds, which we split equally between LCHS and the League of Friends.

Our ball this year is being held on July 13 and anybody wanting to donate prizes, provide sponsorship or attend the ball is more than welcome to contact me for more information.

If there is something you’d like to know about the community hospital or nursing services, you can send me your questions to