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Jenny Hinchliffe ANL-141023-113554001
Jenny Hinchliffe ANL-141023-113554001
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HEALTH MATTERS: BY Jenny Hinchliffe

As we move further into 2016 I’m sure the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve are perhaps fading into a distant memory as I know mine have. In this month’s column I’d like to try to inspire you to give up a little of your time by volunteering as it can make a huge difference to patients.

Volunteers play a vital role in supporting staff and patients here at Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding. Every day of the week, our fantastic volunteers support our staff and patients at appointments; they help with drinks rounds; read newspapers and are a friendly face when other friends or family can’t be close by. We are hugely grateful to those who selflessly give up their time to volunteer for us.

I recently caught up with two of our volunteers, a wonderful retired couple Keith Wilkinson and Brenda Forrest who shared some lovely words on their volunteering experience so far.

They both decided to give up some of their free time after being impressed by our wonderful staff on Welland Ward. Since September last year they have come in twice a week for a few hours and chat to patients on the ward. Brenda has even nipped out for emergency underwear for some patients.

Keith told me they are happy to offer a friendly ear and an opportunity to chat to someone when perhaps family or friends are unable to visit and even spark the odd laugh or two. He told me by no means are they saints, but they both felt that they wanted to give something back and volunteering provided the perfect opportunity. He also said that they find the nurses and staff on the ward extremely friendly and look forward to their visits. I know that our ward staff really appreciate Brenda and Keith’s input and believe they are saints!

You can volunteer on your own, with a friend or a loved one. You don’t have to commit to every day but any time you may have – big or small would be hugely welcomed and appreciated.

If you would be interested in volunteering or finding out more information please call Clare Cherry or Jennie Gittins on 01775 652003.