Getting an appointment with a doctor is like gaining an audience with the Pope

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Progress. We have phones now with internet on. We have cars that don’t need servicing for a year at a time. We have hundreds of TV channels.

In fact in the 23 year we have lived in Spalding lots of changes have occurred.

So why is it when you need a doctor’s appointment it’s like getting an audience with the Pope?

Some 23 years ago you phoned a doctor’s surgery on the day you felt poorly and generally got an appointment the same day, if you were prepared to wait at the end of surgery – or the next day at worst.

You generally saw the same doctor and he had an idea who you were.

If you were too ill to get to the surgery or it was after hours you nearly always got to see a doctor.

Today, to get an appointment you have to ring up and tell someone you feel poorly.

Then you have to wait to be called back by a nurse to tell her the symptoms. Then if you are a lucky winner you get to see a doctor.

Today I didn’t even manage a nurse. I got a clerical assistant discussing my medical needs in the waiting room.

And the government wants to give the purse to GPs – God help us.

If there’s too many people on your books – GET SOME MORE DOCTORS.

Tony Martin