FOUR STEPS TO FITNESS: With Tracey Vowel of The Fitness Company, Spalding

Fitness intructor Tracey Vowels during one of her classes at The Fitness Company in Spalding.
Fitness intructor Tracey Vowels during one of her classes at The Fitness Company in Spalding.
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Don’t just sit there – move

Living healthily isn’t just about weight loss or regularly attending a gym - it’s about waking up and feeling good about yourself every day.

Of course, there are obvious ways to achieve it - being a non-smoker, keeping the body at a healthy weight, eating nutritious foods and being active on a daily basis.

It’s not rocket science. so why is it so difficult to do?

One of the biggest reasons we as a nation have gained weight over the last seven years is because we sit down too much.

How many people get up in the morning, sit to eat breakfast, drive to and from work or sit on a train, sit at a desk, work through lunch, sit to eat their evening meal and watch television, then go to bed only for the next day to repeat itself?

The truth is that every little counts and, in my new column, I’m hoping to show you how small changes to your lifestyle can make a real difference.

Regular structured exercise sessions will raise your heart rate, strengthen your muscles and bones, increase your posture and flexibility, tone your body and make you feel great.

Desk bound: Get up and move around or stretch every hour.

Try running on the spot, calf raises, leg lifts, knee lifts or buttock squeezes - all done under the desk.

Agree with work colleagues to take a walk out during lunch break.

At home during the day: Try taking 10 minutes out of every hour from 9am to 4pm to exercise.

Raise your heart rate by stepping up and down on your bottom stair or step until you feel yourself getting hotter and a little out of breath.

To work the legs and buttocks squat down and up with your arms outstretched in front of you.

In the evening: We all like to relax and watch TV in the evening, so why not set yourself a challenge to get up and exercise throughout the adverts?

March, jog or dance on the spot and raise your arms up and down to work a little harder.

To stay healthy you should try and be active every day. The guidelines are two hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate intensity exercise.

Building a little extra activity into your day will make you feel and look great.