Daredevil Danielle on a skydive for Gosberton Grandad

  • Shop worker with head for heights jumping out for Macmillan
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A mother-of-one from Spalding is to boldly go where she has never gone before and jump out of a plane for charity.

Shoe shop worker Danielle Howlett (23) is hoping to go airborne in Nottinghamshire on Saturday and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, inspired by her grandfather Malcolm Amess (72) of Gosberton.

I’m pretty nervous about the skydive but Grandad means everything to all of our family because he’s been so brave and strong throughout his fight against cancer

Danielle Howlett, of Spalding, Macmillan Cancer Support Skydive

Danielle, who works at Brantano Footwear in Spalding, came up with the idea after Mr Amess was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last December.

She said: “My grandad has been fighting cancer for a few years now, having been backwards and forwards to and from hospital.

“Two years ago, I cut all my hair off and raised £350 for Macmillan whose nurses have been so helpful when he’s needed something.

“So when he was diagnosed with three tumours on his brain just before Christmas, I sat back and said to myself ‘I’d like to raise money for Macmillan’.”

Danielle is hoping for a case of “third time lucky” with skydive after bad weather caused it to be cancelled, both last Sunday and two weeks ago when it was originally due to happen.

But despite this setback, Danielle has already raised about £650 for the cancer charity through an online giving website and sponsorship arranged by her family.

Danielle said: “I’m pretty nervous about the skydive because I’ve never been in a plane before.

“But I kept saying before Christmas that I’d love to do a skydive, even though they are expensive.

“So when my partner gave me an envelope at Christmas and said ‘Don’t hate me’, I knew that he would be cheering me on to do it.

“Grandad means everything to all of our family because he’s been so brave and strong throughout his fight against cancer.

“I know that he will fight it until the very end and he can’t wait to see me do the skydive on Saturday.”

To sponsor Danielle, visit the Justgiving website and then type in her name.